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Conservation and Sustainable Utilisation of Underutilised Taro to Increase Food Security and Improve Livelihoods of Marginalised Communities Faced with Climate Change
Taro, Colocasia esculenta, is a root crop that is one of the staple crops in some countries in Asia Pacific region. Asia and the Pacific Islands are the centre of origin of taro diversity. In the midst of climate uncertainties and demand for alternative / future crops to fulfil nutritional needs and improve food security, taro which was one of the world’s most widely cultivated crops in the last two centuries may become a solution.
Taro can potentially be grown in a number of marginal soils which are not conducive for other major food crops, such as rice – thus enabling the strategic use of limited land resources. It can also be cultivated under variable climatic conditions.
Indonesia, Philippines and Fiji have been actively involved in the conservation and utilization of taro and have made remarkable advancement in their research and development of taro. Malaysia which is still at the early stage of promoting taro as an important crop to be cultivated by smallholder farmers could gain valuable knowledge from other countries on the newest and latest advancements and technologies in producing taro.
Benefit Sharing Fund
This project has been approved for funding as part of the Fourth Call for Proposals of the Benefit-sharing Fund of the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture. It is one of the twenty projects currently executed in 45 developing countries.
These research and development efforts will be underpinned by the sharing of information and experiences between other taro producing regional project partners.
The following are the project outcomes, targets and related activities:
  • Outcome 1:
    Farmers supported to maintain and conserve agrobiodiversity in areas vulnerable to climate change and food security

  • Outcome 2:
    Research and development is strengthened in project country’s members to produce climate ready on taro

  • Outcome 3:
    Treaty implementation within the project is strengthened for sustainability

  • Outcome 4:
    Enhanced equity and inclusion in the implementation of the programme

  • Outcome 5:
    Establishment of strong consortia of Treaty stakeholders within partner countries
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