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Conservation and Sustainable Utilisation of Underutilised Taro to Increase Food Security and Improve Livelihoods of Marginalised Communities Faced with Climate Change

Source: Bioversity International

"Due to the ease with which it adapts to diverse farming systems and food cultures, taro has played a central role in the evolution of agro-ecosystems in many countries, and has helped maintain food security in continuously-evolving rice production systems. As in other crops, genetic diversity in taro has facilitated evolution of the crop. Scientific understanding of taro’s genetic diversity and management will further facilitate its use in providing global food security. We welcome this volume as an important step in this direction, particularly for the way it highlights the global benefits that taro can provide in times of change."

Excerpt of foreword by Masa Iwanaga, Director General, National Institute of Crop Science, Japan

There is a section on taro collection and conservation in the Pacific region and other topics (characterisation, collections, genetic diversity, mass propagation) which are very relevant to the project.

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