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Conservation and Sustainable Utilisation of Underutilised Taro to Increase Food Security and Improve Livelihoods of Marginalised Communities Faced with Climate Change
Webinar on Training of Trainers (ToT)
Date: 27 - 28th July 2021
The project team hosted and organized a 2-day webinar on Training of Trainers programme on 27th and 28th July 2021. Invitations to the webinar were distributed to Centre for Agriculture and Bioscience International (CABI), Department of Agriculture Malaysia (DOA) and Farmers' Organization Authority (LPP) with 40 participants attending. The main objective of the programme is to provide information on different topics and disciplines in taro farming to the organizations involved and the extension officers.
Dr. Mohd Shukri Mat Ali Ibrahim, Director of Environmental and Agrobiodiversity Research Centre, MARDI, gave the welcome address, followed by introductions to The BSF Project by Dr. Nor Asiah Ismail and Mr. Zulhairil Arifiin (country representatives). Mr. Muhammad Faheem from CABI was invited to give a talk on 'Introductions to Farmers' Field School'. This webinar also covered wide topics on taro farming given by experts from MARDI and DOA Malaysia, including Agronomy Practices (Mrs. Umikalsum Mohamed Bahari), Pest and Diseases and Its Control and Management (Mrs. Siti Noor Aishikin Abdul Hamid), Post-Harvest Handling (Dr. Zaulia Othman), Economy Status and Market Potential in Malaysia (Mrs. Aimi Athirah Ahmad), Product Development (Mrs. Noor Zainah Adzaly), Ex-Situ Conservation in Field and Laboratory (Mrs. Suryanti Bustam), and also Way Forward of Tuber Crop Industry in Malaysia (Mr. Mohd Noor Azlan Othman). At the end of each topic presented, participants were encouraged to ask questions to improve their understanding and share their ideas with all participants.
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