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Conservation and Sustainable Utilisation of Underutilised Taro to Increase Food Security and Improve Livelihoods of Marginalised Communities Faced with Climate Change
Project updates 3rd quarter 2021, Malaysia
Date: October 2021
A summary of 3rd quarter 2021 project updates for Malaysia.
Brief description
Develop training manual in both English and local national language

Draft for the Manual Training of Trainers has been developed in English language and sent for proofread and translator for local version-Malay language
One (1) manual for Training of Trainers has been developed
Develop training program for Training of Trainers (ToT)

A two days webinar program for ToT has been carried out on 27th and 28th July 2021. 40 participants from Lembaga Pertubuhan Peladang (LPP) and Department of Agriculture (DOA) were involved
One (1) ToT program (webinar) has been carried out
Select Master National Trainers

12 master national trainers from LPP (4) and DOA (8) have been selected. The trainers are selected are from the 4 identified sites

12 master national trainers have been selected
Develop training program for Farmer Field Schools (FFS)

Preparing for the 1st FFS that will be done in October 2021 in Sabak Bernam, Selangor.

A discussion meeting was done on 15th September 2021 to discuss related matters with DOA Sabak Bernam

One (1) FFS will be established in October 2021
Identify sites for Farmer Field Schools (FFS) and Model Farms

4 sites in Selangor and Johor have identified; (1) Sabak Bernam, (2) Sepang, (3) Muar, and (4) Simpang Renggam

4 sites have been identified for farmers field schools and model farms.

One (1) model farm will be established in October 2021

Select farmers for Farmer Field Schools (FFS)

10-15 farmers will be selected from each site for FFS

17 farmers were selected for the FFS programme at Sabak Bernam
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