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Conservation and Sustainable Utilisation of Underutilised Taro to Increase Food Security and Improve Livelihoods of Marginalised Communities Faced with Climate Change
Upcoming activities for third and fourth quarter of 2021
Date: July 2021
In the second half of 2021, there will be several activities related to training manual development and capacity building sessions for farmers.
The first would be the development of a training manual on the 'Production Technology of Taro'. The manual will be available in dual languages; English and local national language.

The second activity related to capacity building is the development of training programmes for Training of Trainers (ToT) and Farmer Field Schools (FFS) and the delivery of the said training for farmers and selected master trainers.

Activity & Timeline

Develop training manual in both English and local national language

3rd / 4th quarter
Develop training program for Training of Trainers (ToT)

3rd / 4th quarter
Select Master National Trainers

Minimum 2 trainers per site
3rd / 4th quarter
Develop training program for Farmer Field Schools (FFS)

3rd / 4th quarter
Identify sites for Farmer Field Schools (FFS) and Model Farms
5 sites

3rd / 4th quarter
Select farmers for Farmer Field Schools (FFS)

10 farmers per site

3rd / 4th quarter

Note: The timelines for each activity will be updated as more information becomes available.

On farmer selection, consideration would be given to several factors including gender, vulnerable and marginalised groups, commitment to participate in training sessions and willingness to work in groups.

Site and model farm selections would depend on a few criteria eg. plot size, suitability of land...etc. Further details can be found in the presentation slides below.

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